Codašal R2

Type of Cut Favor
Finish Polished
Nomenclature Codašal
Petrological Family Limestone
Color White/Grey
Place of Origin Serro Ventoso - Porto de Mˇs - Portugal
Petrological Class Sedimentary Rock
Recommended Applications Pavements - Coverings - Ornamental
Aplications Indoor - Outdoor
Formats Block - Plate - Final Product (by measure)
General Description

The “Codaçal R2” is a white limestone, which presents a uniform background with some spots of darker colour.
O Codaçal Rijo é uma pedra calcária de cor branca, que apresenta um fundo uniforme com alguns pontos de cor mais escura.
It is one of the main Portuguese limestone with white colour.

The “Codaçal” is a limestone often used in works of exterior facades, covering, interior decoration and stonework.

Special Care
  • The cleanliness of this material should be made with neutral detergent.
  • Should be avoided contact with acid materials that can affect the brightness and polishing of the rock.
  • Permanent contact with liquid water or wet state can lead to severe disintegration of rock.
  • Natural stone usually has variations in general ornamental pattern and hue, which may lead to slight changes within limits, at its physical mechanical properties.
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