Exemples Avaliable finishes

Polido Honed Polido Polished Polido Brush Hammered
Finish Polished
Nomenclature Marble
Petrological Family Marble
Color White
Place of Origin Alentejo, Portugal
Petrological Class Metamorphic Rock
Recommended Applications Pavements - Coverings - Ornamental - Sills
Aplications Indoor - Outdoor
Formats Block - Plate - Final Product (by measure)
General Description

This is a white marble with grey tones, medium grain and uniform background. May present some bent along its surface.

The white Marble of “Estremoz” is now considered a luxury material, with huge demand all over the world.

It is a marble used in projects like ventilated façade, internal and external flooring, interior decoration, benches, street furniture, among others.

Special Care
  • The most common finishes (polished, honed and bush-hammered) are applicable to this type of rock.
  • How much more polished is the finish, most visible will be the colour of the marble (showing the respective shafts if exists).
  • Should be avoided contact with acid materials that can affect the brightness and polishing of the rock.
  • Contact and washing with bleach may lead to the appearance of orange-colored stains difficult to remove.
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