Exemples Avaliable finishes

Polido Honed Polido Polished Polido Brush Hammered
Finish Polished
Nomenclature Marble
Petrological Family Marble
Color Whites/Creams
Place of Origin Alentejo - Portugal
Petrological Class Metamorphic Rock
Recommended Applications Pavements - Coverings - Ornamental - Sills
Aplications Indoor - Outdoor
Formats Block - Plate - Final Product (by measure)
General Description

The Marble “Corrente” have a whitish cream color, fine grain and uniform background. May present some bent along its surface.

This Marble of “Estremoz” is now considered a luxury material, with huge demand all over the world.

It is a marble used in projects like ventilated façade, internal and external flooring, interior decoration, benches, street furniture, among others.

Special Care
  • The most common finishes (polished, honed and bush-hammered) are applicable to this type of rock.
  • How much more polished is the finish, most visible will be the colour of the marble (showing the respective shafts if exists).
  • Should be avoided contact with acid materials that can affect the brightness and polishing of the rock.
  • Contact and washing with bleach may lead to the appearance of orange-colored stains difficult to remove.
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