CUBO 1 - Vidraço de Moca

Type of Cut Serrate
Measures 5/7 cm or 9/11 cm
Nomenclature Calçada Portuguesa
Petrological Family Limestone
Color Beige/Brown
Place of Origin Serra de Aire e Candeeiros - Portugal
Recommended Applications Paving Projects - Gardens - Courtyards - Accesses
Aplications Indoor - Outdoor
Formats BAGS (0,5 M3 - 1 M3 - 1,5 M3)
General Description - The "Vidraço Moca" is a limestone brown and beige, has an average to coarse grain with high hardness and irregular background.
- The cube is a limestone mainly used in outdoor projects paving. This is also used in coatings access, courtyards and gardens, residential and commercial.
- Product of great interest due to their smooth and shiny surfaces when fractured.
- This product do not produce sludge in contact with water.
- Stone from the quarry.
Special Care
  • The flooring used in sidewalk paving exteriors have been increasingly used in interior spaces, commercial facilities and even private residences.
  • During the preparation of the substrate, it must be removed the existing topsoil and subsequently make an extra Gravel or "Tout Venant".
  • The joints must show more than 0.5 CM space in order to reduce the risk of fluctuations in the floor.
  • The floor should be flat, limited the slopes to where it is recommended to drain rainwater or existence of different accesses ramps.
  • The final work should consist of floor cleaning any dirt or mortar.
  • Undemanding maintenance product.
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