Quality Management System

Why we should implement an SGQ:

In view of the gradual growth of our company, we feel the need to implement an SGQ in order to improve the management system, setting a quality policy and support system for its development, through streamlining, monitoring and continuous improvement.

1 year after the implementation:

  • New and improved management habits;
  • Reaching some important conclusions on several factors that were impossible to understand prior to the implementation;
  • Consolidation of a proactive attitude and mutual support;
  • Improved relationships with our customers, suppliers and long lasting partnerships, analyzing services and favoring business opportunities that meet their needs;
  • Increased capacity in generating motivation, encouraging learning and continuous improvement of the company’s employees;
  • Higher level of maturity;


“Mármores Ferrar continuously focuses on improvement and efficiency of its SGQ, through establishing, monitoring and reviewing its policies, objectives and process indicators.”

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