Vidraço Creme Santarém

Finish Honed / Polish
Nomenclature Creme Santarém
Petrological Family Limestone
Color Creams
Place of Origin Pé da Pedreira - Alcanede - Santarém - Portugal
Petrological Class Sedimentary Rock
Recommended Applications Pavements - Coverings - Ornamental
Aplications Indoor - Outdoor
Formats Block - Slabs - Final Product (by measure)
General Description

Overall beige colored Limestone, but presents some shades in light and dark cream tones. Background composed by fine grains, but may show medium grains and brownish fossils distributed along the surface

Special Care
  • The flamed finish is not applicable to this type of stone due to present constituted a reasonable amount of organic matter.
  • In areas subject to stains (kitchens, dining areas, bathroom spaces, etc..), Before use is advisable to place the sealants or suitable waxes that do not affect the characteristics of the rocks and protect the surface, facilitating their subsequent cleaning and conservation of the desired appearance.

All these products require proper maintenance should be taken into consideration all instructions prior to any application

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