"We work with nature, we travel in stories that are thousands of years old, amoung rivers, volcanoes and geological changes.
Each stone is unique and different from all the others.
Each one has its history.
Enjoy this history and all the art that man has perfected.
Make it your history"

With the “serra d’aire e candeeiros” as host, the ferrar group was established in 1990 by mr. Lúcio ferraria.

This group is composed by 4 companies:

  • "Mármores FERRAR, lda",
  • "Rocha d’Aire, lda",
  • "Azumobrel, lda",
  • "DRV, lda".

The group has 4 quarries of its own, with the most modern machinery and advanced techonology, guaranteeing a permanent supply of high quality blocks, such as:

  • Moca-Crème,
  • Brecha st.antónio,
  • Azul valverde,
  • Crème ferrar
  • Lioz.

In addition to its own quarries, the group also has a factory settled in the “pé da pedreira”, alcanede area, with the most advanced technology in rock transformation, such as: mill, slab and tile polisher, mono-wire, mono-saw, tile cutting machine, portick and others.

In addition to the transformation factory, the group also has a crusher in “pêro pinheiro”, so that it can make use of some of the stone waste. Therefore it has a large stock of slabs, blocks and finished products, in order to attend to the most urgent needs for big and small projects.

The ferrar group is devoted to competence, rigor, experience, technology and professionalism.

  • M�rmores Ferrar
  • Azumobrel
  • Rocha D�Aire
  • DRV - Explora��o de M�rmores e Britas