Grupo Ferrar

  • The “Grupo Ferrar” started its activities in the field of Portuguese limestones more than 20 years ago. It all started with the creation of the company “Mármores Ferrar”, whose activity was based on the extraction of blocks of “Moca Creme”. Today the “Grupo Ferrar” is composed by 4 companies that give a considerable dimension to the Group. The Group´s activities are today extended to the extraction of blocks, its transformation into slabs and commercialization, to the transformation and commercialization of finished product for projects. Below we present you the companies that compose the Grupo Ferrar:

  • Mármores Ferrar

    Mármores Ferrar” is specialized on the extraction of Portuguese limestone blocks. It has today 3 active quarries of limestones with a considerable market and future potential: “Moca Creme”, “Azul Valverde” and “Brecha”. 
    In each one of our quarries we use the most recent technology on the extraction of natural stone blocks. Our strategy is based on the exploration of several fronts in each quarry in order to guarantee a larger extraction capacity, a larger stock of blocks to face projects with small or large dimension, as well as to provide our clients with a good range of variations from each stone. 
    At “Mármores Ferrar” we combine the know-how on limestone extraction, with the blocks quality and a large supply capacity.

  • Azumobrel

    Azumobrel” is the second company of the “Grupo Ferrar”. It was created as a result of the expansion of “Mármores Ferrar”, in order to strenghten our work in terms of commercialization both in Portugal and internationally. 

    Azumobrel” is today a company specialized on the transformation of blocks intro sawn slabs, as well as on the commercialization of blocks and slabs. 

    Azumobrel” works as an extremely relevant actor within “Grupo Ferrar”. It is a company that has seen an exponential growth due to the increasing demand for Portuguese limestone blocks and slabs on the international market.

  • Rocha D´Aire

    Rocha D´Aire” is the third company of “Grupo Ferrar”. The company was created to face the market needs in terms of natural stone finished product supply. Therefore and in order to diversify our Group´s activities, we created “Rocha D´Aire”.

    Rocha D´Aire” works on the transformation of a large diversity of natural stone finished products. Products such as cladding for building, diverse stonework, decoration products for the house such as furniture, fireplaces, basins or shower trays, among others. We also work products used on gardens such as fountains, walls or benches. In addition, we work on flooring and coverings, used both on interior and exterior applications, as well as staircases and other natural stone finished products.

    Rocha D´Aire” is a versatile company that can do basically any kind of finished work in natural stone. If you have a specific need for a finished product in natural stone, contact us that we have the solution. 

  • DRV

    DRV” is the fourth company of “Grupo Ferrar”. The company was acquired in consideration of the increasing diversification and expansion plan of the Group activity, with the exponential increase in the differentiation and acquisition of new types of natural stone. This company has an extraction unit, which specializes in quarry extraction "Lioz" of different typologies and shades.

    The quarry has facilities and equipment for the extraction of natural stone, along with a jackhammer to take advantage of the waste of natural stone and respect of environmental practices.

    The "DRV" works as well today as the provider company “Mármores Ferrar".

  • M�rmores Ferrar
  • Azumobrel
  • Rocha D�Aire
  • DRV - Explora��o de M�rmores e Britas