Rocha D´Aire

Rocha D´Aire” is the third company of “Grupo Ferrar”. The company was created to face the market needs in terms of natural stone finished product supply. Therefore and in order to diversify our Group´s activities, we created “Rocha D´Aire”.

Rocha D´Aire” works on the transformation of a large diversity of natural stone finished products. Products such as cladding for building, diverse stonework, decoration products for the house such as furniture, fireplaces, basins or shower trays, among others. We also work products used on gardens such as fountains, walls or benches. In addition, we work on flooring and coverings, used both on interior and exterior applications, as well as staircases and other natural stone finished products.

Rocha D´Aire” is a versatile company that can do basically any kind of finished work in natural stone. If you have a specific need for a finished product in natural stone, contact us that we have the solution. 

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