Ecological compromise

The natural stone sector has impacts in environmental terms, but it is not classified as an industry generating hazardous waste, not affecting public health.


Our aim is, over time, lead the environmental challenge to excellence in the implementation of best practices in a sector of natural stones completely eco efficient.


The "Grupo Ferrar" seeks to define its environmental policy, contributing to sustainable development, based on the prevention and control of all the activities such as the extraction and processing of materials, transport and treatment of waste, which take place in the following principles:

  • Using the resources and tools needed to ensure the length of the applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Continuous improvement in the management of production facilities, products, activities and services.
  • Promoting the sustainability of natural resources.
  • Promote waste minimization, providing reuse or recycling.
  • Training and awareness of employees about environmental policies and objectives.
  • Promote the environmental commitments to partners and groups covered in the middle.


  • M�rmores Ferrar
  • Azumobrel
  • Rocha D�Aire
  • DRV - Explora��o de M�rmores e Britas