Finish Scrolled
Nomenclature Scrolled
Petrological Family Limestone
Color Reds/Greys
Place of Origin Pedreira "Pedra Furada 5" - P. Pinheiro - Sintra - Portugal
Petrological Class Sedimentary Rock
Recommended Applications Decorative projects - Gardens - Courtyards - Retaining Walls
Aplications Indoor - Outdoor
Granulometria Aproximada
Brita Nº 1 04,5 mm - 12,5 mm
Brita Nº 2 12,0 mm - 22,0 mm
Brita Nº 3 22,0 mm - 37,5 mm
General Description

The gravel "Red" is a limestone with reddish colour, has a mean grain for wholesale with high hardness and irregular background.

The gravel limestone is mainly used in decorative designs. This is also used in coatings for courtyards and gardens, residential and commercial retaining walls, drainage and coating filters.
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Stone from the quarry.

Special Care
  • By applying the grassed area near the floor should bring out the ground level, so as not to hinder cutting systems.
  • Should be taken into account from the beginning a good drainage system waters, providing for the implementation of transverse and longitudinal at the time of settlement or levelling uneven. Applying a layer of own products will its implementation may be required.
  • Draw advance and transfer the dimensions to the ground with the help of stakes for example, and also set the levels of the respective floors will apply.
  • May apply a “geotêxtil” to prevent the growth of "herbal and derivatives", while ensuring a more efficient drainage.
  • The placement of gravel stone mostly avoids splashing of soil or other materials on the facades of buildings.
  • Undemanding maintenance product.
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