Design and Innovation

The company “Mármores Ferrar”, owns a program to support the Architects and Designers in Portugal.
With over 20 years in the field of natural stone, we provide assistance to professionals in the implementation of its various projects, of different sizes and stages, in all artistic fields.
We offer the full availability of our services and technical support in developing projects for interior, exterior and furniture pieces, all in a personalized way. We provide our catalogs, including images of textures of the natural stones for implementation in 3D environments, as well as samples of different types of stone and finishes available.
We believe that companies who associate the group, develop relationships each other with unilateral benefits, achieving success and ensuring a gradual conquest of notoriety, visibility, reinforcing the image and brand enhancement.


  • Provide general technical directions about the natural stone materials.
  • Submit samples of materials and finishes to interveners of projects for approval and consequently guide the standard throughout the work.

Advantages of consult our technical support and innovation:

  • Understanding the level of material properties and its implementation in projects.
  • Assisted in pricing, offer and suggested materials.
  • Expand knowledge of new products, materials and finishes.
  • Disclosure of the work of professionals with the company's products.
  • Knowledge of delivery times and quantities available in the moment.

We always seek to establish partnerships and collaboration, particularly with architects and designers in developing products with varying of natural stone.
Bring your project to run with us, contact us for further information.

We also have highly specialized teams for transportation and placement of material on site.

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