Lioz Branco ZU

Finish Polished
Nomenclature Lioz
Petrological Family Limestone
Color Cream/Gris
Place of Origin Montelavar - Sintra - Portugal
Petrological Class Sedimentary Rock
Recommended Applications Pavements - Coverings - Ornamental
Aplications Indoor - Outdoor
Formats Block - Plate - Final Product (by measure)
General Description

The Lioz limestone is a grey and cream colour, with irregular and high hardness background.

The Lioz is a limestone mainly used in interior decoration projects for kitchen countertops and bathroom spaces. This is also used in flooring and interior cladding, ventilated facades and exterior floors.

Special Care
  • Certain types of limestone have zones of fragility and shafts, that fact will give rise to local areas of lower mechanical strength and potential for water absorption and rise by capillary action.
  • In the particular case of application for kitchen countertops and bathroom spaces, the need exists for the same are duly surface treated.
  • It is also important to emphasize that all these products require proper maintenance and should be carefully read all instructions prior to any application.
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